While I’m here….

…a revolting story. Jason just phoned me to say that my long lost friend Stephanie had turned up at the front door, while he was in the downstairs toilet, right next to the front door, having a big poo!Long lost friend is married to jason’s good friend. They live round the corner. We never see them. Despite us trying. In paranoid moments I’m fairly sure they can’t stand us. In fact only the other day I was thinking about letting go of the negative feelings and putting them out of my mind for good. And low and behold she turns up. Mid-poo, which was apparently horrendously stinky. And of course the house was the usual chaotic mess. What’s the betting we don’t see them again for another 6 months now?!

Hello world!

Hello world, or rather hello me! This is my own little space, hopefully for my eyes only where I can keep a record of life in 2010.

Today is a cold, bright day in January. I’d like to be out walking but I’m at work. Jason has taken the boys to Barney’s swimming lesson. I’m writing a short guide to referencing. Looking forward to beer, enchilladas and scrabble later.

p.s. in the spirit of this blog, I must add that I really do love cardigans. Today I am wearing my new short brown and cream yumi dress, leggings, boots, and a long black bum covering cardi. Joy!